Why should I use aloe vera and how to do it?

aloe veraAloe Vera is among the best-loved natural care products. Both its juice, aloe vera gel and cosmetics, which contain it in high concentration, are perfectly suitable for skin and hair care, are very popular and well liked. Why should I use Aloe Vera cosmetics and why do we love aloe Vera’s skin and hair? Time to convince yourself of the same!

Aloe Vera is known primarily as it exhibits potent soothing, soothing and moisturizing effects. It is used for skin and hair care, for poultices for burns and irritation and for faster wound healing. What does this inconspicuous plant contain in itself, which is the adornment of the window sills in many apartments? And how to best use aloe vera in daily care?

Aloe Vera – Main ingredients

  • Aloe Vera and its leaves are filled with a gel substance, which in 99% consists of water and more than 200 active ingredients! Among them are:
  • Vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins and folic acid
  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes
  • Minerals, m.in. Calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, chromium, manganese, copper

Fatty acids

The care is used aloe Vera in various forms, m.in. The gel, which is a substance obtained from the pulp of the plant. It is almost entirely composed of water, and the remaining 1% of its contents are the active ingredients mentioned above and polysaccharides. Not every Aloe vera gel has the same composition, and if it differs, it is the content of polysaccharides.

And whether there are more or less of them decides how to obtain the gel. Because they are sensitive to heat and under its influence, they are degraded. So if we care about the good, rich not only in water and minerals, but also with the polysaccharides of Aloe vera gel, you might want to ask the seller how the gel is being extracted. and choose those products that contain Aloe vera gel obtained by extracting the leaves cold.

Aloe Vera has power!

Aloe Vera is a very popular ingredient in natural cosmetics. In addition to the whole line of Aloe Vera cosmetics, which are based on juice, gel or pulp from the leaves of aloe, we can find it in the composition INCI really many products for the care of the face, body and hair. Its popularity is of course associated with unusual properties, which I can not mention.

Who is Aloe vera?

Aloe Vera is perfect for the care of almost any skin. You can turn it into a grooming if you have a dry and intensive moisturizing skin when you are struggling with acne, irritation and often reddened skin. When it comes to hair, aloe vera is recommended especially for wysokoporowatym, thin, damaged, weakened and dried hair. Also, remember its unique soothing action, which you can use for scale irritation.

How to use Aloe vera?

Aloe Vera is so versatile and it is so versatile that the only thing in its application can restrict you is imagination. Below you will find some tips on how to use Aloe Vera in your skin and hair care.

Use of aloe vera-haircare

Aloe Vera Rinse

A very simple hair rinse based on aloe vera juice smoothess The hair cuticles, will facilitate their combing and protect the hair from external influences. It will also help to gently fix the hairstyle. How to prepare it? Just mix the aloe vera with water in a ratio of 1:2 (100 ml of aloe vera and 200 ml of water), dip in the rinsed hair and gently rinse with lukewarm water.

In the role of Wcierki, it is best to clean aloe vera gel, which should be rubbed into the scalp. Wcierka will act soothing, moisturizeing the skin, helping to fight off dandruff and nourishes onions.

Shampoo supplement with Aloe vera flesh you can add to your hair shampoo if you think that it is too strong and irritates the scalp. Aloe Vera has significantly alleviateed its effects.

Mask Supplement

You can add Aloe vera gel or flesh from the fresh plant to a hair mask that will have better moisturizing, smoothing and nourishing properties. The best combination is Aloe vera plus an oil-based Emolientowa mask. Remember, though, that if you have porous hair, such a mask can swagger or dry your hair, so use it with care.

Oil Mist

A brilliant way to oil your hair is to use oils just in combination with aloe vera. Just mix aloe vera juice with water in a ratio of 1:1, spray it with dry hair and then nałożysz oil on it.

Use of aloe vera – skin Care

Cream base If you care about effective skin hydration, you can reach Aloe vera gel before applying the cream. Apply it to a small amount on clean and dry skin, and then apply the cream immediately. The skin will become pleasantly soft, smooth and well hydrated.

Oil base

Vegetable oils do not provide the skin with complete hydration, so it is useful to combine them with Humektantami. Aloe vera is perfectly suited for this and is a great base for oil. Apply it on cleansed and dried skin and then apply favorite oil. The skin will gain hydration, softness, smoothness and great protection against external influences.

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