About me

I chose this profession with passion and love.

I have been working in my cabinet since 2010 years, I have worked in two Spa hotels and a beauty salon specializing in m.in. In a medicinal pedicure. My knowledge also przekazywałam working as a coach on beauty courses. During my work I have had many courses and trainings in the field of cosmetology, nail styling, styling and Deafs and the handling of specialist beauty equipment.
Studying and then working with patients taught me that health is not only a state of good physical, but mental. A healthy organism can effectively and effectively defend itself against Stresorami, there is no hassle with restoring and maintaining an internal balance. However, to make it so it must be fueled with an appropriate petrol – a healthy food rich in nutritional value.

Nowadays, when the pace of life is too fast, reconciling everything is not easy. In everyday hustle and bustle, it’s hard to find peace and quiet, and take care of balanced meals that you should eat on a regular basis. But remember – Health is not an experiment! I hope that my advice will be a valuable indication of how to eat healthily.

In my blog I am writing not only about the principles of healthy eating, I also present simple methods to help you achieve inner peace. You will also find psychological advice or psychotherapy. You will learn the mechanisms that guide you. You will learn how to get rid of bad emotions and how to build relationships with people in unison. This allows you to solve every psychological problem.